Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why Do You Crave The Mouse?

Everyone loves Walt Disney World's rides. Every loves their shows. Everyone loves their restaurants. But those aren't necessarily what makes it Walt Disney World. Disney World's true appeal comes from the feelings it can evoke...the emotions it can stir up in everyone.

It's not always the big attractions and tangible things that hit the mark, but it's the intangible instead. It's the true reason why everyone craves to return to The Mouse time and again. It's not just the drop on Everest or flying around in circles on Dumbo that does the trick, it's the bombardment on your senses and emotions that you feel when you're there.

It's when a Cast Member at Port Orleans French Quarter resort says, "Welcome home," as you walk into the lobby.

It's finding a Mickey-shaped towel on your bed when you step into your hotel room the first day.

It's finding that very first hidden Mickey...on your own.

It's seeing your daughter's face after drinking Beverly for the very first time.

It's the look on your family's faces as they round the corner onto Main Street and everyone else around you has the same look on their faces too.

It's the random CM on Sunset Blvd. at Hollywood Studios who voluntarily goes out of their way to ask where you're from, what has been your favorite attraction so far, and then suggests what you might want to do next.

It's the autographed picture Mickey and Minnie sign and leave on your desk in your hotel room during your Disneymoon.

It's the big hug Stitch gives your kids and the smile on their faces.

It's the moment toward the end of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth when the bright, white fireworks repeatedly shoot out in time with the soaring score as they sing, "We'll go on!"...and it takes your breath away...every time.

It's the familiar sound of the Main Street ragtime band playing in the you're overtaken by the unmistakable smell of cookies when you walk by the Main Street Bakery...while you see hundreds of Mickey balloons bounding toward Cinderella Castle.

It's feeling the cool evening breeze on your face from the 7 Seas Lagoon when you're on the Admiral Joe Fowler ferry boat heading toward the breathtaking Magic Kingdom.

It's the feeling you get as you stroll around the beautiful and serene World Showcase at night.

It's the feeling you get as you stroll around the beautiful and exciting World Showcase during the day.

It's the crowd going crazy with applause at the end of Fantasmic when Mickey appears in his black tux and says, "Some imagination, huh?"

It's your daughter's reaction when she's given the signed birthday card from all the CMs at Boma.

It's being on one knee and proposing to your front of Cinderella's Castle. And not being able to take your eyes off her smile.

It's the applause you get from the crowd on Main Street after she says Yes.

It's cheering for the Disney Marathon runners as they go by. And one runner is sporting a red skirt with white polka dots. And mouse ears.

It's enjoying the peaceful beauty of the Boardwalk as you ride a surrey bike around Crescent Lake.

It's the unbridled fun in trying to see how many laps you can do in a half hour around Crescent Lake in the surrey bike.

It's laying and swaying on a hammock in the shade of a palm tree at Caribbean Beach Resort.

It's the calming clip-clop of the horse drawn carriage going over a wooden bridge at Port Orleans Riverside.

It's the snow falling down on your heads as you're holding hot chocolate during the Osborne Lights.

It's seeing a Kitchen Sink heading to your table for the first time.

It's the feeling of jogging around the Boardwalk during a beautiful sunrise. And all you can hear are seagulls.

It's giving away fastpasses to Toy Story Mania to a family of 4 when you know they have never been to The Mouse before.

It's holding an Annual Pass for the first time. It's holding an Annual Pass any time.

It's holding your future wife's hand when she goes on Soarin' for the first time...and seeing her jaw drop.

It's the feeling of awe you get as you see the 6-foot wave approaching in the wave pool in Typhoon Lagoon.

It's watching your 6-year-old son look at Darth Vader with awe during the parade at Star Wars Weekends. He believes. And you can see it.

It's watching your 6-year-old son intently listening to Father Christmas in the UK pavilion during Holidays Around The World. He believes. And you can see it.

It's watching your 6-year-old son blush after being kissed on the cheek by Cinderella.

It's the generous CM who gives your children an extra pin while pin trading because the kids said "please" and "thank you".

It's wearing a Mickey Ear Top Hat and Minnie Veil in the parks during your honeymoon.

It's hearing, "Congratulations!" more times than you can count.

It's returning the favor to every newlywed you see in the parks from then on.

It's seeing the expression on your dad's face as he's about to embark on Everest during his Birthday visit.

It's playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Star Wars Edition at Hollywood Studios next to your brother, sister-in-law and best friend. And not being afraid to be that geeky.

It's hearing some awful yet hilarious karaoke and eating some delicious tempura at Kimonos with them too.

It's watching the Candlelight Processional with your parents and raving about it afterwards.

It's feeling absolute joy at finding air under you as you drop fast and far in Tower Of Terror. And seeing the terror in the eyes of your brother and sister-in-law in the photo afterwards.

It's your 4-year-old son begging to go on Tower Of Terror instead of Playhouse Disney. For the 10th time. In a row. Attaboy.

It's throwing off the mound to see exactly how hard you don't throw at ESPN The Weekend.

It's having your son fall asleep on your shoulders as you make the sad walk out of Magic Kingdom after the Kiss Goodnight. Although he drooled on you.

It's the pit you feel in your stomach as you see the "See Ya Real Soon" sign as you leave...and it makes you want to come right back.

That's why i crave The Mouse. What about you?

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