Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tip Of The Tail - Festival Of The Masters

Every November a very special event takes place at Downtown Disney that I believe is rather overlooked. This weekend, The Festival Of The Masters revisits Downtown Disney for 3 days (November 13-15) and it's very much worth seeing.

Festival spans from the very end of Downtown's Westside and sprawls all the way up through Marketplace. Along the way you'll find exhibit booths showcasing the art of hundreds of extremely skilled artists and craftspeople. You can browse and just admire the creations of these talented individuals or you might even find something to purchase and take home. Many times the art is Disney inspired, but many times not - there is truly something here for everyone.

You'll also find all kinds of activities for families and/or kids including the popular Sharpie tents they've had every year (don't know if they'll be back this year or not). The Sharpie tent usually allows kid's creativity and imagination to run wild as they use countless Sharpie markers to color until their fingers fall off! And for those who haven't done the Magic Of Disney Animation (seeOh You'll Love This...Just One More (Free) Thing, Oct. 27), at Hollywood Studios or visited the Create section of DisneyQuest, during Festival they have an outdoor class in front of DisneyQuest that teaches guests to draw along and learn to illustrate Disney characters.

But the most popular aspect of the Festival is the sidewalk chalk art. Hundreds of masterpieces are drawn onto the sidewalks of the Marketplace - many of which are simply jaw-dropping. Be forewarned though - if you're there on Day 1, you won't see too many finished products. The day to be there for that is Sunday (November 15 this year). However, there's a definite charm in seeing the drawings coming together in their early stages of development over Friday and Saturday. So, regardless of the day you see Festival, you'll have lots of eye candy to keep your interest.

An example of the phenomenal sidewalk chalk art
on display at the Marketplace. Image can be found at

It's an amazing event and even those who don't necessarily consider themselves art fans should see Festival Of The Masters at least once. It's worth it.

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