Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exclusive: Interview With A Pirate

Chance has grown up with Walt Disney World. After 3 years of being a passholder, he's a veteran at navigating The Mouse. In this Around The Mouse exclusive, he shares his wisdom about The Happiest Place On Earth in the hope that he can help other pirates get the most out of their trips.

What are your top 4 favorite parks in Walt Disney World?
1. Magic Kingdom
"MK is my favorite because it has rides like Splash starts out with a little drop...then a bigger one...then the biggest one at the end! It also has my favorite restaurant (Casey's Corner)."
2. Hollywood Studios
"It has Tower of Terror - it has the little drops, then BIG go way down, then way up then you do it again! I also love Star Tours because you get hit by a comet! There are so many good rides here."
3. Epcot
"I like when you walk in you can get a drink at Club Cool. You can cool off there. I also love Test Track because it goes really fast outside. I also love the restaurant where you go down by the music band and you can get gold coin candy (Biergarten during Christmas time)."
4. Animal Kingdom
"I like the animals, especially on the Safari ride. I like Everest because it starts up slow and then goes REALLY fast at the end...I like that a lot. It also has my second favorite restaurant (Tusker House) serves wonderful food."

Favorite Disney Water Park: Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?
"I like Typhoon Lagoon because I love the big tidal waves...I can now stand on my feet because the water doesn't wipe me away and make me fall anymore."

What are your top 5 favorite rides?
1. Expedition Everest
2. Tower of Terror
3. Splash Mountain
4. Star Tours
5. Toy Story Mania

What is your top 3 favorite fireworks shows?
1. Fantasmic
"Because it has Mickey in it."
2. Illuminations
3. Wishes

What is your favorite restaurant?
"Casey's Corner. I like the cheese sauce, the cartoons and the stadium seating! I like their baseball uniforms too!"

What are your 3 favorite ice cream snacks?
1. Kitchen Sink -
"You cool off in here (Beaches & Cream), the big ice cream is REALLY good, it doesn't melt fast, and you get a drink with it."
2. Dole Whip
3. Mickey Head Ice Cream Bar
"I have to bite the chocolate and it falls apart, and melts fast. It's hard to eat."

Favorite Pin?
"I like the Yeti vinylmation pin. It's very cool because it's scary."

Which party did you like more: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party or the Not So Scary Halloween Party?
"I liked the the Christmas party because it wasn't was cold enough to have hot chocolate and cookies. And I loved the parade."

What is your favorite memory of going to walt disney world?
"I think I liked the first time we went to ride Toy Story Mania (during the passholder preview) with our passes. We rode it again and again with no big lines."

Which was your favorite hotel we stayed at?
Fort Wilderness Campground
"I liked listening to the campfire songs and singing. Got to roast marshmallows too. I also liked staying there in the RV really close to Magic Kingdom."

What is your least favorite ride in WDW?
Magic Carpets of Aladdin
"All you do is go around in a circle. It's boring."

What is the first thing you think of when you think of WDW?
"Hearing the words Walt Disney World makes me feel happy and excited. I think of Downtown Disney...because I think of DisneyQuest and the chocolate squares and Earl of Sandwich."

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