Monday, May 3, 2010

How Do You Do? Mighty Pleasant Greetin'

In the last installment of Around The Mouse, we talked about attractions that needed a little TLC. That story was inspired from our trip onto the newly refurbed Splash Mountain. And while we went over our thoughts about how imagineering knocked this refurb out of the park and what it did for that attraction, I figured we'd expand upon that a little by showing you more from our experiences from around the ride (just remember our little digital camera doesn't do the interior of the ride justice at all - doesn't do that well in the dark).

In fact, the refurb was so well done that it kicked Splash Mountain up the ranks of Can't Miss Attractions (see the list here) in Magic Kingdom. In fact, I'd only put two attractions ahead of Splash - the Haunted Mansion and The Stroll Down Mainstreet, USA. Space Mountain and its recent refurb might have done more for that ride than did this refurb for Splash, I think from top to bottom Splash is a more enjoyable experience and it now looks the part.

And besides, with 90 degree weather already here and summer coming, getting potentially soaked can be very appealing!


  1. great shots, but what exactly has changed? new paint, brighter colors , lighting enhancements?. It's not evident from the pictures.

  2. topdad,

    Yeah, I did mention in the article that our little digital camera doesn't do all that well in dark environments. It really didn't do the ride any justice.

    As far as the refurb goes, they didn't change anything drastically at all, for sure. But in person each diorama definitely appeared to be much brighter and bolder than ever before, and certain little things looked to be cleaned up (parts of animatronic costumes/fur/clothes) that were becoming very noticable over time.

    It wasn't a big deal by any means, but I thought it was noteworthy enough to mention. Once again Splash looks new!