Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missing In The Mouse: Italy Pavilion's Living Statues

What do you miss in The Mouse? There are many things that are long gone that I miss, and the Living Statue in Epcot's Italy pavilion is one of them. These phenomenally talented individuals attracted crowds of gawkers in much the same way DiVine still does at Animal Kingdom these days. I wish they'd bring them back...

The statues had the amazing ability to stay perfectly still for minutes on end - seemingly without breathing or blinking. They would move only when they knew it would freak out a guest or would provide a great picture opportunity for another. Some of the reactions were priceless. And the makeup and costumes were incredible. They were very much part of the many little things that added to the unique atmosphere that is Walt Disney World.

What are some of the long-gone things YOU miss in Walt Disney World?

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