Saturday, March 6, 2010

Interview: A Kid And Her Coasters

Do the kids in your family love or hate thrill rides? In particular, how do they feel about the prototypical thrill ride: roller coasters? Well, our kids love coasters, so we decided to sit down and get the scoop on 10-year-old Katie's favorite coasters in WDW.

Around The Mouse: Katie, what's your favorite roller coaster in Walt Disney World?
Katie: I'd have to say Space Mountain.
ATM: Really? What about Space Mountain makes it your favorite coaster?
Katie: I like how dark it is and all the surprising turns and drops. You can't see where you're going and I like that.
ATM: What else do you like about Space Mountain?
Katie: I like the long hallway with the video games. Those are fun. I don't like the windows into space though - they make me feel a little sick to my stomach. But I just don't look at those any more.

ATM: Which coaster is your second favorite after Space?
Katie: Hmm. I'd say Primeval Whirl.
ATM: Wow. You like Primeval Whirl better than Everest?
Katie: Yeah. Everest comes in third though.
ATM: OK, what is it about Whirl that lands it so high up on your list of coasters?
Katie: I love how it spins so fast and has those fast drops. I also like the bright colors of the ride. It's different than all the other coasters.

ATM: Alright. You said Everest comes in third?
Katie: Yeah. It's my third favorite roller coaster.
ATM: What do you like about Everest?
Katie: I like how the Yeti attacks you as you ride by. I also like the backward drop in the dark and the big drop after the Yeti rips up the train tracks.

ATM: OK, which coaster comes after Everest?
Katie: Rock & Roller Coaster! I love Rock & Roller Coaster.
ATM: But you like Space, Primeval and Everest better than Rock & Roller Coaster?
Katie: Yeah, it's close, but I like it fourth best.
ATM: What's makes you love this one?
Katie: I like the corkscrew and loop a lot. I like how it's dark.
ATM: What makes the top 3 better than this one in your eyes?
Katie: I don't like the beginning - the zero to 60.
ATM: Really? I would have thought you'd like that the best.
Katie: makes me feel a little sick.
ATM: I didn't know that!
Katie: Yeah, it does a little. It's not my favorite part.

ATM: Alright, that leaves two coasters...Big Thunder and Goofy's Barnstormer. What comes in 5th after Rock & Roller Coaster?
Katie: Big Thunder is 5th.
ATM: Why that over Barnstormer?
Katie: Well, Barnstormer is for little kids, but that's fun too. But I like Big Thunder better because it's faster and it has the wilderness theming - I like that.

ATM: OK, so that leaves Goofy's Barnstormer for last, but you said it's fun too. What's fun about Barnstormer?
Katie: I like how they have Goofy as part of the ride. That's the best part.
ATM: Ah, so you like how they have part of the Fab Five as part of the theming? By the way, who are the Fab Five?
Katie: Oh, that's easy. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy!
ATM: Thank you, Katie.
Katie: You're welcome, dad!

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