Friday, October 16, 2009

Tip Of The Tail - A Monorail Shortcut

It's about 10:00 pm and Wishes just ended. The mass exodus out of Magic Kingdom has just begun. Many thousands of people are trying to funnel down through Main Street, USA and Town Square at the same time, all trying to...just...get...home. It's a madhouse.

A hefty amount of those people head toward the ferry boat dock, and that's a long wait for the slow ferry boats. Others head toward the buses. A small percentage are heading to the boat docks for the neighboring resorts on the Seven Seas Lagoon. And an even smaller amount make the short trek on foot to the Contemporary.

The rest are headed toward the Walt Disney World Monorail. Including you. You're parked at the Ticket and Transportation Center and need to get back to your car. You wanted the freedom to drive everywhere because you didn't want to dedicate several hours each day riding buses. Or maybe you're staying off-site. Or maybe you are local and still need to make the drive home. Any way you cut it, you want to shave off as much time getting back to your car as possible.

But there is help if you decide to take the monorail back to the TTC. Nearly everyone who is in the same boat as you who is taking the monorail will exit Magic Kingdom, and with the help of CMs waving you along, will head toward the right side of the Magic Kingdom Monorail Station. It runs counter-clockwise back toward the TTC. It doesn't stop anywhere else, so the ride itself isn't bad - just a few minutes. But it's getting on the monorail that's the trick. The line at that time of night is usually insane, and that is for almost any time of year.

Avoid it. Take Resort Monorail on the left side of the Station instead - it also stops at the TTC. It runs clockwise out of the Magic Kingdom Monorail Station toward the Contemporary. Yes, it stops at the Contemporary for a pick-up/drop-off, but it doesn't take long. Then it hits the TTC and you're home free.

The whole key is that the line for the Resort monorail is NEVER as long as the TTC line on the other side of the Station. It's only ever a fraction of the length, making the wait to actually get on the monorail much, much shorter.

Time is of the essence when at The Mouse, and this little tip can be a huge time-saver.

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