Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tip Of The Tail - Jambo, Simba One!

Now that we've given Animal Kingdom its props, we might as well stay over on that side of The Mouse and hand out a few of our best tips for one of that park's best attractions: Kilimanjaro Safari.

There are two great times to hit this ride: first thing in the morning and during Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade.

Experiencing the Safari first thing in the morning is the absolute best time to see the animals. This is the time they are most active, so you'll usually see more at this time of day than at any other point. So if you're not a coaster person and won't be visiting Everest (or if the Safari is simply more important to you), then head over to Africa first thing and get the camera ready!

The other best time to experience the Safari is during the Jammin' Jungle Parade, which usually starts at 3:00 pm. The reason why is because the parade begins at the back stage gate which is directly adjacent to the entrance to the Safari. This alone will keep people out of the Safari because the parade is right there, and it is actually pretty good and very unusual. People also make a point to line the walkways of the Animal Kingdom in order to watch the parade, and this simply means more people along the walkways, means fewer people in line at the Safari (and most other attractions).

There are a few things to consider when deciding between these options though. If you ride the Safari first thing, you will be sacrificing Everest until much later in the day. By the time you finish the ride and head over to Asia, the standby line will be ridiculous no matter the time of year - and the fastpasses won't be for until closer to noon by that time. And it's safe to say that the Safari and Everest are the two biggest must-do attractions at AK, so most people will want to accommodate time for both during the day.

If you ride the Safari during the Jammin Jungle Parade, then of course, you'll miss the Parade. And as far as Parades go, this one is pretty good. So, ultimately, it's about what's most important to you.

Also, a small bonus tip. For anyone who is into hidden Mickey heads, check out the island at the Flamingo exhibit during the Safari...

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