Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Mouse Is In The Details: DiVine

One of the great hidden secrets of not just Animal Kingdom, but Walt Disney World, is the beauty and grace of the unique character that is called DiVine. She has the ability to make your jaw drop - dressed with complete coverage of vines, leaves, plants, twigs and berries, she blends in perfectly with the lush natural environment around her. Moving ever so slowly with the grace of a ballerina, she draws huge crowds of gawkers. With legs and arms on camouflaged stilts, she looks and moves unlike any other character you'll see in the parks.

Seeing DiVine has always been a priority for my family and I when visiting AK - she's that impressive. She is representative of what makes Disney World so great - a little hidden detail that adds so much to the overall atmosphere of the park experience.

However, be sure to check the time guide stand at the front of Animal Kingdom for her appearance schedule - she only performs a handful of times throughout the middle of the day. DiVine can be found on the path between Africa and Asia (closer to the Africa end). If you've never heard of her or have never seen her, seek her out - it's worth it.

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